Helical screw


TH-1900, TH-1800D


Helical screw filler, in semi-automatic version or to be coupled to an automatic bagging machine, with a heavy duty design and great versatility.

  • Worm engine: 1 ½ hp. Totally closed 230/460 v. 3 phases, 60 cycles.
  • Agitator motor: ½ hp. Totally closed 230/460 v. 3 phases, 60 cycles (outside the filling head for better ventilation)
  • Controls: digital counter or Allen Bradley PLC.
  • Clutch-Brake: heavy duty electric or servo motor.
  • Construction Material: 304 or 316 stainless steel (hoppers, covers,
  • ducts, arrows, worms, sleeves, pump rotors, agitators) aluminum (column, supports)
  • Weight: 159 kg, approximately.

A) For powders, not free flowing: Low speed agitator and worm making precise filling without the product sticking inside the hopper. All manufactured in stainless steel.

B) For powders, free flow: Dosing worm that has a collecting cone to give a filling control avoiding the product run-off through the worm.

C) For liquids, pastes and cream: Steel positive displacement pump Stainless steel doses viscous liquids, pastes and creams.

  • Recycling time: For operator spacing, adjustable from 1/10 to 10 seconds between downloads.
  • Level Control: Automatically controls the level of the product in the machine and sends a signal to the feeding system.
  • Cutting valves: Ensures a drip-free cut for filling liquids and powders.
  • Electronic scale: High accuracy in packages from 50 mg to 25 kg, connected to dosing machine.
  • Filling from the bottom: Mechanism that, together with vibrators, achieves product compaction.
  • Pedal switch: With plug and cable for heavy duty use to start the filling cycle.
  • Hot Hoppers: To maintain temperature up to 260 degrees centigrade.
  • Dust covers: To connect to a central collection and have clean operations.


The volumetric filling principle can be easily adjusted for precise control of either the pump speed or the worm. For fillings that can fluctuate from 50 mg. to 25 kg. Accuracies of 1% can be obtained for most products and filling volumes. There is a full range of flow shut-off attachments to ensure liquid and powder fillings without run-off, avoiding contamination of containers and obtaining great cleanliness.


Interchangeable accessories to choose from among numerous worms (screw endless) and positive displacement pumps, totally standard, easy to install and that offer the user an efficient dosage of dry or wet, fine or granules, free flowing and non free flowing, as well as light and viscous liquids, creams, abrasives and pastes.

The filler can be manufactured with various types of stainless steel hoppers with capacities from 15 to 60 liters. Often delivered with a foot switch to start the filling cycle; it can also be installed with conveyors automatic indexing with start switch. Capacity from 30 to 80 operations per minute sustained, which can be used for millions of cycles.

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