Automatic vertical bagging machine with robust carbon steel structure


B430 B355

Automatic vertical bagging machine to form, fill and seal bags, manufactured in a sturdy structure of carbon steel with epoxy paint, with film feed by means of belts and jaw closing by pneumatic piston.


- Sturdy structure made of carbon steel with epoxy paint and easy to clean top cover.
- Horizontal seal with constant temperature for laminated film, impulse or special constant heat for polyethylene with minimum maintenance.
- Digital PID vertical and horizontal temperature controls.
- Front cover with safety sensor and automatic stop in case of opening.
- Film traction with friction or vacuum assisted belts for better control of the packaging material.
- Film feed control by means of an inverter or servo motor allowing speed changes from the control panel.
- Motorized film feeder in one unit allowing immediate centering adjustments on the forming tube.
- Cantilever tube and shoulder forming unit for easy access and quick changeover.
- End of roll detector with automatic stop.
- PLC control and data access with a digital display. (Optional touch screen).
- Dustproof control panel with safety main disconnect switch

Models and bag sizes
Minimun size
100 x 100 mm
Maximum size
430 x 609 mm
Maximum speed
50 BPM
Minimun size
80 x 100 mm
Maximum size
355 x 508 mm
Maximum speed
60 BPM


-Photo cell to center the film print.
- Film coding by Thermal Transfer, Hot-Stamping or Inkjet type.
- Static Eliminator.
- Bag vibrator.
- Flat bottom or bellows system with central and side seal.
- Dust collector.
- Inert gas injection.
- Breathing valve applicator.
- Perforation or handle system for displays.
- Easy bag opening system.
- Tabletop system for end of roll union.
- Zipper applicator.
- Label applicator.


-Volumetric with interchangeable telescopic cups.
- Helical screw for powders, creams and liquids
- Linear net weight scale.
- Combination weight scale
- Liquid filler.
- Volumetric cups.

Compatible bags

Flat bottom side seal
Flat bottom with 4-corner seal (side seal)
Flat bottom with 4-corner seal (center seal)
Central seal flat bottom

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