Economical automatic vertical bagging machine


CB200A CB250A

Economical automatic vertical bagging machine to form, fill and seal bags, with stainless steel structure.


Compact stainless steel structure with easy to clean top cover.
-Horizontal seal with constant temperature for laminated film, impulse or special constant heat for polyethylene with minimum maintenance.
-High precision PID digital vertical and horizontal temperature controls.
-Safety front cover with detector and automatic stop in case of opening.
-Jaw closing system operated by servo or pneumatic with jaw opening adjustment capability for maximum operating speed.
-Film traction with friction-assisted belts for better control of the packaging material.
-Film feed control by servo motor allowing speed changes from the control panel.
-Motorized film feeder in one unit allowing immediate centering adjustments on the forming tube.
-Cantilever tube and shoulder forming unit for easy access and quick format change.
-Film splicing table to take advantage of the end and beginning of rolls.
-PLC control and data access with a touch screen.
-Film feed by means of polyurethane belts

Models and bag sizes
Minimun size
60 X 60 mm
Maximum size
200 x 300 mm
Maximum speed
50 BPM
Minimun size
59 x 70 mm
Maximum size
280 x 406 mm
Maximum speed
90 BPM


Photo cell to center the film print.
-Film coding by Thermal Transfer, Inkjet or Hot-Stamp.
-Static Eliminator.
-Bag vibrator.
-Flat bottom or bellows system with central or side seal.
-Dust extractor.
-Inert gas injection.
-Breathing valve applicator.
-Drilling or handle system for displays.
-Easy bag opening system.


Helical screw
-Combination scale.
-Net weight scale.
-Filler for liquids.
-Volumetric cups.
-Parts counter.

Compatible bags

Flat bottom side seal
Central seal flat bottom

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