EN 1200

Vertical bag forming machine to form bales in 2 and 3 columns.



Vertical bag forming machine, model EN-1200 of a forming tube controlled by an Allen-Bradley PLC, to form bales in 2 and 3 columns in an orderly manner.


- Control by means of an Allen-Bradley PLC with a color touch screen or HMI PanelView for the control of quantity of packages, arrangement of columns, number of beds, operation times, with internal memory and production information, etc.
- Carbon steel structure with epoxy paint for better protection and durability.
- Pneumatic jaw drive with a 4-bar mechanism and a single piston with a non-closing sensor and alarm in case a bundle is jammed.
- Centralized pneumatic system with valves and pistons in SMC brand air re-sorting system to avoid sending lubricated air to the atmosphere
- Movable vertical seal for easy access and change of forming tube with PID temperature control for better performance.
- Film movement by friction drive belts and controlled by an AC motor and frequency inverter for speed
- Includes a rectangular forming tube for a single bag width.
- Horizontal seal by constant heat jaw system for polyethylene of low density, with minimum maintenance, the film cut is by blade and temperature controlled by high precision digital pyrometer

Models and bag sizes
Minimun size
Maximum size
Maximum speed
100 a 130 BPM (según el material de empaque)


- Horizontal feeding belt.
- Adjustable inclined bag elevation feed belt.
- Acceleration feeding belt.
- Bombay type gate mechanism to dose the bags to the forming tube.

Compatible bags

EN 1200

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