Flow Pack wrapper with adjustable inclination, versatile and flexible



Flow wrapping machine with adjustable inclination, versatile and flexible to work with a wide variety of products in a semi-automatic or automatic way.


- Structure made of welded steel and painted with optional stainless steel cantilever.
- Motorization configured in 2 servomotors.
- The machine can work vertically, horizontally or inclined.
- Possibility of having the equipment configured from left to right or from right to left.
- Cantilever construction for easy cleaning and maintenance.
- Safety covers complying with EEC regulations.

Models and bag sizes
Minimun size
50 X 50 mm
Maximum size
280 X 1000 mm
Maximum speed
20 BPM


- Photo cell to center the film print.
- Film coding by means of thermal transfer, inkjet or hot-stamp.
- Inert gas injection system.
- Alcohol nebulizer
- Drilling system for hanging displays
- Bucket conveyor to feed the product to the Flow Pack
- Outlet belt to lift the packed product.
- Rotary film punching system.
- Motorized feeding conveyor.
- Straight exit belt up to 3 meters long.
- Motorized film unwinder.
- 1 metre straight infeed conveyor.
- Automatic opening of rollers when the machine is stopped.
- Pneumatic system for bellows forming.
- Easy opening system.
- Rotary accumulation table.
- Label applicator.
- Label weighing and printing system.
- Bread counting system.
- Weight checking system
- Independent system of closing by wire.
- Possibility to work with low density polyethylene or heat shrink film.

Compatible bags

Flow Pack

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