Packing machine for pre-made flat bottom bags



Prefabricated Flat Bottom Type Linear Filling and Sealing Machine


It consists of 2 stations in linear design.
-Opening device on both sides of the bag with the use of suction cups
-It integrates a vacuum pump and tank to better control the suction of the suction cups, instead of using a PIAB system or some other compressed air system, removing the risk that the air flow is not constant.
-Vibration device of the bag for better product placement.
-If no bag is detected in the filling position, the filling cycle does not start.
-Safety door protection with sensors.
-Design module, easy to add different dosers.
-Our new generation includes a more robust bag feeding system for higher speed.
-Easy to operate system through color touch screen, PLC and electrical control systems.
-Adjustable speed.
-Parts of the filler in contact with the product are made of stainless steel

Models and bag sizes
Minimun size
100 x 180 mm
Maximum size
200 x 400 mm
Maximum speed
14 BPM


Inkjet encoder.
-Cutting attachment for a Non-Free Flow type screw
-Horizontal feeding conveyor.


Helical screw.
-Volumetric with cups.
-Liquid dispenser.
-Combination scales.
-Net weight scales.
-Filler for lobes.
-Parts counter.

Compatible bags

Flat bottom side seal
Flat bottom with 4-corner seal (side seal)

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