New generation DUPLEX rotary packing machine



New generation and higher speed DUPLEX rotary packing machine for filling and sealing pre-made bags of different types with 8 stations.


Easy to clean stainless steel structure.
-Excellent performance and quality.
-Easy to operate system through PLC and color touch screen with alarm indicator for adjustment and operation.
-Friendly interface between operator and machine.
-Memory to store 20 programs or recipes.
-Empty bag feeder conveyor.
-Output conveyor for full bags.
-Integrated vacuum pump.
-PID temperature control for bag sealing.
-Safety covers with safety sensors.
-Bag opening sensor - No opening - Not filled - Not sealed

Models and bag sizes
Minimun size
80 x 100 mm
Maximum size
150 x 350 mm
Maximum speed
110 BPM


System to open bags with zipper.
-Bag handling system with 45° side nozzle
-Pre-heating station prior to sealing for returnable bags.
-Film coding by means of inkjet or hot-stamp
-Special filling nozzles with foam suction
-Washable machine option with stainless steel cover and exposed parts.
-Inert gas injection.


Helical screw.
-Volumetric with cups.
-Liquid dispenser.
-Combination scales.
-Net weight scales.
-Filler for lobes.
-Parts counter.

Compatible bags

Flat bottom side seal
Flat bottom with 4-corner seal (side seal)
Stand-Up (Doy Type) with Side Nozzle
Stand-Up (Doy Type)
3-Stamps with lower bellows

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