Semi-automatic bagging machine for open-mouth bags



Semi-automatic bagging machine with two helical screws for filling powdered products in open-mouth bags from 10 to 50 KG


- Conical hopper of 180 liters made of stainless steel with sanitary polishing, inspection window, with dustproof cover and feeding duct.
- Dual worm feeder system for fine and coarse weight on low power, high efficiency inclined reducer for long life.
- Support structure made of easy to clean stainless steel with wheels for mobility or adjustable legs.
- Worms or helical screws easy to disassemble.
- Pneumatic bag clamping system for bag widths from 420 to 560mm with special design to avoid dust leaks.
- Frequency inverters for speed control of the dosing screws.
- Precision digital scale for density compensation mounted on the base with a mechanical support to fill from 5 to 50 Kg with an accuracy of +/- 10 to 30 gr depending on the characteristics of the product.
- Automatic tare - the weight of the bag is self-tarred to give a net weight.
- Control by means of PLC.
- 5.7" color touch screen
- Scale reading including weight, final weight and gross weight
- Tool-free disassembly for easy assembly and cleaning.

Models and bag sizes
Minimun size
Maximum size
Maximum speed


-Bazooka type feeder conveyor
-Dust extraction system.
-Pneumatic sealing band with belt conveyor for bags with a maximum width of 600mm.
-Sewing machine.
-Machine for trestle insertion.
-Conveyor for cooking machine.
-Level control.

Compatible bags

Open Mouth Bags

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